Zima to live-stream awards

Bruce Ndlovu
Last Saturdaya��s broadcast of the National Arts Merit Awards (Nama) awards was marked by complaints from viewers at home that the coverage of the event from the national broadcaster, ZBCtv, was below par.

In addition to the broadcast being delayed, viewers complained about the quality of the broadcast, with sound and picture issues marring a large part of the countrya��s premier arts award show.

The countrya��s other popular award show, the Zimbabwe Music Awards, (Zima) have decided to move with the times and offer viewers a modern alternative, as they will be live-streaming the 7th edition of the award show. The Zimas, which have faced delays over the past few months as the organisers tried to court the late Bob Marleya��s family, will be held on 25 February at the HICC.

Live-streaming allows customers to broadcast live video content using a camera and a computer through the Internet, and viewers to play the content via the web or their phones using iOS and Android apps. The platform has got popular in the last few years, as festival concert organisers use the platform to draw viewers to their shows.

According to Zima spokesperson Farai Chapoterera, live-streaming the event is a way of moving with the times.

a�?If you look around the world most events are streamed live so I think ita��s only fair that we adapt to modern ways of doing things hence the decision to live-stream this yeara��s event,a�? she said.

This yeara��s edition will run under the theme a�?Celebrating leadership through music.a�?

With that theme in mind, organisers said they would also stage a concert dubbed a�?Well Done Boba�? in honour of the President Robert Mugabe.

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