Zifa set standards for Zimbabwe coaches

Zifa have adopted a strict standardisation of local football coaching by setting qualification bars for coaches to take charge of PSL clubs down to primary school football.

All PSL coaches are now mandated to be holders of the Caf A coaching licence as a minimum standard and should be assisted by someone with a Caf B or C badge.

However only for this year, Caf B holders waiting to acquire an A qualification would be allowed to sit on the bench in the PSL.

Division One gaffers are now required to possess a Caf B badge as minimum requirement while their assistants should have a Caf C or Zifa Level Four licence.

In the second division, a coach should have a Caf C licence while his understudies are required to have a Level Three qualification as a minimum standard.

Zifa technical director Maxwell Jongwe said setting these standards is part of implementing the Caf Club Licensing.

a�?As Zimbabwe we had been lagging behind on this so this is the time for us to push for this model. I am sure everyone would appreciate that this will improve the quality and level of football in our country because we now have primary school children being taught football by qualified coaches. I am glad the PSL have also embraced this Caf Club Licensing model and I have also seen that coaches are so keen to enhance their football education,a�? Jongwe said.

The requirements have already claimed the scalp of Never Malunga who helped Boarder Strikers earn PSL promotion last season. Malunga has now been relegated to the assistant coacha��s role at the club which this week appointed Saul Chaminuka as the head coach. The coaching standards have also cascaded down to the Division Three and tertiary schools while for secondary schools a Zifa Level Two is now mandatory.

A primary school football coach should now be a holder of at least a level two certificate. – Supersport

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