Zahara on fame…‘There’s no way I didn’t go through depression’

Singer Zahara opened up about the impact of fame and how she will always succeed regardless of naysayers. 

During her sit-down with Tbo Touch on Metro FM, the singer reflected on the success of her career and whether she is still able to continue her music career as she did during her prime.

Zahara said she had been affected by the people dragging her over her personal life experiences but knew she could still succeed regardless of what people said.

“You thought you gave me a name, and you thought you gave me a gift. The person that gave me the gift, which is God, will see it through. It’s not about you, it’s not about me. He is going to let it live whether I like it or not,” she said.

“People go through depression whether I know it or don’t know it. There’s no way I did not go through depression. There’s no way that I did not feel what you guys were saying to me, the daggers that you were pointing at me and digging me, that I did feel no pain.”

Zahara has won 48 awards including 17 South African Music Awards, Metro FM awards, international awards, and Glamour Woman of the Year, however, it’s her personal affairs that have made headlines on several occasions. 

From almost losing her home, to her tax woes and admitting to being an alcoholic when claiming to be owed royalties from her TS Records in 2019. 


Speaking to TimesLIVE previously, Zahara opened up about going through a depressive phase.

“When it comes to music, I have never disappointed you, I’m still the best-selling artist ever in South Africa, I’m still breaking my own records when it comes to awards, when it comes to sales.”

The problem lay in why she drank in the first place.

“I used to drink for myself to be happy, but now I saw I was drinking to sleep because of my brother’s death and what the company was doing to me. I couldn’t talk to nobody because I was scared of everything,” she says.

“This is what we do as black communities: there’s no depression. I’m sure I did go through that depression phase but it’s just that you don’t understand and don’t know what it is. It’s not small. You can be winning awards and crying yourself to sleep. Sometimes the anxiety you feel, you can’t even eat, you can’t think, and you are always lashing out at people. This is what I was going through.” — TimesLive

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