Young boys teach adults pool lesson

Fungai Muderere
TWO youngsters of school going age gave old timers a run for their money in a manner the adults would be tempted to say: a�?Go and read your booksa�?.

Givemore Chipapata (10) and Tafadzwa Mshangwe (16) were the toast of the recently ended pool Easter tournament in Bulawayo where they taught seasoned adult players a lesson or two.

The duo that attends Lobengula Primary School and Sikhulile High School respectively were part of Kenny Nyandoro-mentored Lobengula Sharksa��10-member team that managed to advance to the quarter-final stages of the Easter contest.

They did not just make numbers in that team as Mshangwe won his quarter-final singles match beating esteemed West Commonagea��s Prosper a�?Sexya�? Nsingo, a police officer understood to be in his late 30s. Nsingo is the Hararea��s 2015 Easter Singles contest champion.

a�?We had to blend our young players with senior players. The young boys helped us advance from the first round of the contest to the quarter-final stage. They gave a good account of themselves. Considering that Mshangwe also won his singles quarter-final match against Prosper Nsingo, a very respected pool player in Bulawayo, I think my boys are stars in the making,a�? said Nyandoro.

Mshwange, a child prodigy will remind many of a young slim wrestler by the name 1-2-3 Kid who beat a seasoned Razor Ramon in the World Wrestling Federation back in the early 90s.

a�?I played in a number of singles matches which I won for my club. I felt happier when I was hoisted by our followers when I beat Prosper Nsingo. I will continue working hard,a�? said Mshangwe.

Nyandoro explained why Chipapata did not represent them in the quarter-final matches.

a�?Chipapata did not feature in the quarter-final stage because we thought there was a lot of pressure. However, he won his singles matches in the first and second round of the competition. With maturity, he will do well for us in crucial stages,a�? he said.

Inobulele Nkala (16), a student at Lobengula Secondary School whose 1-2 punch combination with Chipapata is arguably the best at the moment also stole the limelight from seasoned players.

The two youngsters are relatively new in the game.

a�?I started training these youngsters last year in July after they had asked for my assistance. They are so passionate and easy to teach. I emphasised on passion and discipline. I am glad they are coming out well,a�? bragged Nyandoro.

Lobengula Sharks Pool Club, which has senior players that include Peter Moyo, Thabo Ncube, Mbuso Masuku and Tinos Changwanda, joined BPA this year and they play in the associationa��s Division One B League. .

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