You beat me up, I cheat!..Married man hooks up with a dozen women

Langalakhe Mabena
A Bulawayo man appears to have found the perfect payback tactic for his ‘abusive’ wife whom he cheats on every time she lays her hands on him.

Instead of fighting back physically when attacked by his wife – Charity Mapondera- Mudarikwa – Tinotenda Mudarikwa – the founder of Rare Diseases and Disability AFRICA Zimbabwe (RaDDA), finds solace in pulling down the panties of other women.

The two got married last year in September after a small traditional ceremony in May where Mudarikwa fully paid lobola.

The couple has a five months old baby girl.

However, it seems the wedding bed has more thorns than roses as Mudarikwa loves the taste of the forbidden fruit, leaving his wife sexually starved.

Mapondera-Mudarikwa told B-Metro that her husband was having affairs with “many women”, one of them identified as Linda,who lives in Mzilikazi.

Linda and Mudarikwa are classmates at Hillside Teachers College (HTC) where they are studying music and it is suspected that their affair is more than five months old.

“My husband is not what people think he is. He is not living the gospel he preaches to society, of encouraging men to stop abusing women. I have turned to be his punching bag as he has beaten me on several occasions.

“In our last fight, he almost killed me. Thanks to our landlord who came to my rescue.

“The main cause of the fight was that I went through his phone without his consent only to discover that he is cheating on me,” said Mapondera-Mudarikwa.

She continued: “What hurts the most is that he is not even supporting our child and as we speak, he doesn’t have milk, yet he recently donated to Ingutsheni. The image he is trying to portray in the public is not his true colours,” said the wife.

Mudarikwa is also said to be a ‘father of all nations” as he has more than six children with different women and he is not supporting his seed, allegations that he admitted to this reporter.

“It’s true I have six children out of wedlock and this is something I communicated with my wife before we got married. I have twins in Botswana and the other one is in South Africa and I have never seen him, as his mother told me she had an abortion.

“However, I am not the one who is violent. She has more power than me as she has beaten me several times that’s why I cheat.

Linda who sent nudes to Tinotenda

“The last time we had a fight, I retaliated and I almost killed her leading me to leave our house because I don’t want to go to jail for the wrong reasons,” said Mudarikwa.

B-Metro was supplied with chats that confirm Mudarikwa as a cheat.

A thread of WhatsApp chats between him and Linda, who happens to be a class representative for their class at Hillside Teacher’s College, revealed that the two were an item.

Mudarikwa admitted that he was having a fling with Linda. Linda passionately denied the affair.

However, she claims Satan was using her to send nudes to her mere “classmate.”

“I know Mudarikwa as we are classmates at Hillside College. He once proposed love to me, but I rejected him as I knew he was married and his wife threatened me several times leading me to block both of them.

“I sent him nudes but I don’t know how I did that; Satan was using me. Please do not include me on the story as I am in a serious relationship with someone and it will destroy my reputation especially at the institution (HTC),” begged Linda.

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