‘Women love me because I’m funny’

Langalakhe Mabena

To attract women, men do not always need money or muscular bodies with washboard abs.

Jokers reeling off laugh–a–second rib-ticklers on social media can make women fall in love — something that TikTok sensation Sipho Mercent Nyathi can attest to.

He says after becoming a content creator, he has attracted many followers, and women love him most.

“People are excited about my TikTok skits. Every day I meet individuals who are wowed by the content and the stories I carry. The other day a man literally lifted me up in excitement after seeing me in the streets in town.

“As for ladies angikhulumi (I don’t speak much), they just scream every time they see me with some even claiming they love me. Amajida (gents) are also huge fans because I chronicle ghetto stories, something they see every day that they can relate to,” said Sipho Mercent.

Many can relate to him as a master of ceremony and a podcast host (Dab Three Events) but Sipho Mercent says he has been doing comedy for a long time.

“When I am an MC, I always fuse my presentations with a little bit of comedy. I have been doing this for the longest time and it was easy for me to do skits because I have always been a funny guy.

“The skits are indeed funny, as evidenced by a rapidly growing list of followers, but the content I am pushing is inspired by tragedy, sad- real -life issues, current affairs, events in our day-to-day lives as people, and so on,” he said.

Mdluli as Sipho is also called said he gained 6 000 followers in one month, a sign that there is progress on what he is doing.

However, he said he needs proper gadgets to continue doing the skits.

“Since I started this, I am happy with the progress I have made. I see growth in myself as I am now collaborating with other content creators like Umnikazi Wemphuphu, Afro Magesty and my “long-time enemy Khalanga leNkosi.”

“It’s hard to create these skits. I am from the hood and with the life we live we must always search for free Wi-Fi for us to be online and be able to upload content. Data is very expensive for me.

“Another challenge I am facing is the lack of proper resources. Such content needs a phone of high quality that will capture clean videos. 

“Another thing is that people have to understand that these are jokes and there is nothing personal. They have to stop cyberbullying especially after I post something that they don’t agree with or relate to,” said Sipho Mercent. 





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