Woman in shock mubobobo confession

Danisa Masuku

A WOMAN from Fudu area in Nkayi, Matabeleland North province, was almost beaten up by angry villagers after she confessed to witch-hunters and community members that she sells muthi for mubobobo.

Mubobobo is an act of mysteriously engaging in sexual intercourse without having physical contact with another person using supernatural means. It is also known as Bluetooth sex.

Witch-hunters, popularly known as tsikamutandas, have been conducting cleansing ceremonies in the area for the past two weeks.

The woman, Laiza Ndlovu, from Mabhongwane Village, made the startling revelations last week on Friday during a cleansing ceremony. Ndlovu said she has been selling mubobobo muthi for $5. However, she could not account for how much she makes a month.

Ndlovu disclosed that her customers were from all over the country.

Her shocking confession almost landed her in hot soup as women were baying for her blood, accusing her of helping men to rape them remotely.

It took the intervention of the village head, Cornelius Ndlovu, and some community members to control the situation which almost got ugly.

Shockingly, tsikamutandas discovered an item which looked like a man’s manhood among her tools of trade.

Laiza laid her heart bare, revealing that she used the manhood like item and other items to make strong mubobobo.

“I smear this item (manhood like item) with muthi. I will then give the prepared muthi to a client. This muthi helps my clients to sleep with any woman of their choice,” she said before an agitated huge crowd.

She added: “I have clients all over the country.”

About 15 women plucked courage and lined up to share their mysterious sex ordeals believed to have been done using mubobobo.

Their representative Sihle Moyo said: “These women have been enduring strange sexual attacks believed to be done through mubobobo. They have experienced such horrifying attacks at water points and grinding maize meal.”

Village head Ndlovu confirmed the incident: “I can confirm that my subject Laiza Ndlovu confessed to selling mubobobo. Tsikamutandas seized her tools of trade and an item which looked like a man’s manhood. They burnt it while everyone was watching.”

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