Woman dumps hubby over sex drought

Danisa Masuku  

A woman from Lupane in Matabeleland North province dumped her husband after he failed to have sex with her for five years.

Nomater Mathe (32) complained bitterly before Lupane resident magistrate Ndumo Masuku saying since her husband Zakeu Mlilo (41) was involved in a car accident in 2015 their bedroom life had become a nightmarish affair.

Mathe said she had deserted Mlilo but he kept on pestering her to come back and had suffered humiliation at the hands of Mlilo.

She bared her heart: “Your Worship, I have been married to Zakeu Mlilo since 2010 and all was  well but our bedroom life  became a sour affair after my husband was involved  in a car accident in 2015. He always complains of a backache and when he feels my warmth in bed, he is done. When I talk to him he gets angry and shouts at me, accusing me of not pitying him. At times when he is drunk he beats me up accusing me of bewitching him. Therefore I’m applying for a peace order against him,” she said.

She added: “I had to desert him last year. He  comes to my parents’ homestead drunk and  demands to see me. When I refuse to go with him he  causes a scene declaring  that I will never leave him  because he paid bride price.”

Mlilo said he still loved his wife and begged her not to dump him. 

“I still love her and she is the mother of my children. Now if you desert me who will look after our children,” said Mlilo.

The magistrate ordered Mlilo not to physically and emotionally abuse his wife. He told the couple to go for counselling and return on 10 September.

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