Woman cries for python. . . as bus runs over ‘gift’ from ancestors

Gibson Mhaka

PASSENGERS aboard a Gwanda-bound Inter-Africa Bus coming from Zvishavane were left shocked after a woman cried out while demanding to be dropped off so that she could take a python that had been partially injured after being run over by the bus claiming it was a “gift’ from her ancestors.

The 30-minute drama witnessed by this publication occurred on Monday evening just after Mimosa Mining Company turn-off when the unidentified woman who was accompanied by a middle-aged man “wailed” while begging onlookers, some who had reacted with stones to kill the python measuring about 2,5 metres, not to do so.

“I am the one who spotted it before it was run over by the bus. I’m supposed to go with it so that I can go and take care of it. I am asking that you let me go with it since it’s a gift from my ancestors,” the woman said while begging onlookers not to kill the reptile or to drive it away from the scene so that she could put it in a sack.

The woman’s accomplice tries to run away with the python

She also performed ritual-like antics while kneeling close to the reptile.

It was not before the man who was in the company of the woman in question sought the tail of the python and fearlessly grabbed it, leaving everyone in shock and amazement.

People stood aside in fear as the man ran around with the reptile while holding its tail.

Some were screaming, laughing, and fleeing whenever the giant snake tried to break free from the man.

Chaos, however, erupted when the man tried to put the python in the sack, before some onlookers who had scampered to safety due to the man’s antics summoned courage and returned to confront him.

They questioned him on what they wanted to use the reptile for.

Some were demanding that if the duo wanted to take the python with them they were supposed to give them money.

Woman tries to put python in a sack

At the height of the altercation one of the onlookers violently grabbed the python from the man and ran away with it into the bush with the man and the woman in hot pursuit.

This was also after the woman had tried to strike the python’s head with a stone.

By the time the reporter left the scene the woman and man were still pleading with the man to give them back the python.

Meanwhile, pythons are a protected species in Zimbabwe, and killing them attracts a heavy sentence.

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