Winky D drops new EP

Langalakhe Mabena

Multi-award-winning Zimdancehall gaffer Winky D has surprised his legion of fans by releasing an Extended Play (EP) titled Love Quartet which features four songs.

The tracks on the EP are Dai, Shift, Iyeye as well as Akayenda featuring Frya.The song which seem to have taken his fans by storm is Akayenda, as it managed to garner over half-a million views on visuals site YouTube.

The song was produced by Oskido, with Mokoomba member Trust Samende credited as a lead guitarist.
Visuals for the song were short and directed by Shawn Ray. The script of the cinematography is inspired by a combination of two movies – The Titanic fused with a bit of a story line borrowed from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Amongst fans who have given a nod to the song, a staunch Winky D fanatic identified as Tina Musonza, explained why Winky D is still relevant on the local music scene.

“Winky D has proven to be relevant on the local music scene. Winky D has been well known as an artiste who proffers solutions to societal issues. His songs reflect how the society is at the moment where love is non existent but he rewinds the clock back, reminding people that love still exists.

Through visual images on the video of his track Akayenda he challenges people’s brains to think beyond money, material things, and fame and reminds them that love is the most important aspect of the world,” commented Musonza.

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