Wife shares nudes with lover… hubby stumbles on stash

Danisa Masuku
A marriage is supposed to be a peaceful institution but when another partner always threatens to desert you after you have stumbled on love messages and nude pictures that your partner would have shared with a lover, the union becomes a sour affair.

This is the script that reads from Tobias Malinga and his wife Vivian Mvuto’s marriage.
Tobias, who stays in Cowdray Park said his wife gives him a hard time whenever he has an argument with her.

Emotionally Abuse

He claimed his wife insults him before lying to the police that he habitually verbally and physically abuses her.
He said after every misunderstanding his wife dashes to a police station to report a fabricated story against him.

The seemingly fed-up and troubled Tobias decided to take a legal route when he applied for a protection order against his wife.
He claimed that when he stumbled on love messages and nude images that his wife allegedly exchanged with her lover and confronted her, instead of apologising she insulted him.

In his affidavit he said: “I’m applying for a protection order against my wife Vivian. I stumbled on her nude pictures and love messages that she shared with her lover. When I confronted her instead of apologising, she insulted me and threatened to desert me.

Verbal abuse – image taken from Shutterstock

“Whenever we are involved in an argument she insults me and would fabricate stories that I physically and verbally abuse her. I pray that this court would grant me a protection order so that she stops verbally abusing me.”

According to Tobias after that she would threaten to desert him.
Vivian did not attend the court session.

The presiding magistrate Prince Jeconia Prince Ncube granted Tobias a protection order.
Vivian was ordered not to verbally and emotionally abuse her husband.

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