What the hack? Hackers target Sables online page

FOLLOWERS of the country’s flagship rugby team, the Zimbabwe Sables, were recently taken by surprise when the team’s Facebook page started posting stuff that is not related to the game played with an oval shaped ball.

The hacked page started showing distasteful pictures of naked women.
Zimbabwe Rugby Union (ZRU) confirmed the development and by the end of last week they were compelled to make frantic efforts to gain total control of the page.

“The Zimbabwe Rugby Union (ZRU) would like to advise its valued stakeholders, regulatory bodies, sponsors, social media followers, supporters, players, administrators and well wishers that its subsidiary Facebook page, The Sables, has been hacked off-shore and we are making frantic effort to pull the page down,” said the ZRU media and publicity department.

They added: “The hackers are posting unsavoury photos that are uncharacteristic of our brand as Zimbabwe Rugby. We ask that you do not respond to any correspondence on the Sables Facebook page until such a time that we have regained total control of the page. Thank you for your

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