What celebrity couples expect on Valentine’s Day

Langalakhe Mabena

On 14 February, many couples will be celebrating Valentine’s Day, a significant date where lovers express their affection with greetings and gifts.

People celebrate their love on the day in different ways.

Some always keep it simple as they spend Valentine’s Day in their comfortable spaces by dressing up their place as they set the mood with candles, dimmed lights, roses scattered on the floor and the right jazzy playlist in the background.

Some go hard when celebrating their love. With the advent of social media, many are chasing clout, meaning their Valentine’s celebrations have to be flashy and expensive as they also do photoshoots and show off how they were treated on the day.

Some couples don’t even believe in the concept of celebrating Valentine’s Day as they say “we celebrate our love every day.

There is nothing special about February 14.”

B-Metro caught up with Bulawayo’s hottest two set of couples, Mzoe 7 and La Dee, as well as Jayden Mdluli and Novuyo Seagirl, who shared with us their take on Valentine’s Day and what they expect on the day.

We asked them if they believe in Valentine’s Day and that since it’s a leap year, do they believe that women have to buy men Valentine’s presents this year, or men should continue the norm as in other years?

We also asked them what they expect to get on Valentine’s and how they hope to spend their day as couples.
Mzoe 7

“I believe in love, I really appreciate it and I have never forgotten the concept of Valentine’s Day. Women should treat men because it’s a leap year and it comes once after years. Men do love gifts as well though sometimes we like to act macho and pretend as if we don’t care about the little gestures but we really do.

“This Valentine’s, the best thing I would opt for is to see happy families and love blossoming all over. The best Valentine’s present for me would be love – anything goes for me as long as it’s from the heart,” said Mzoe 7.

La Dee

“I believe that if one is in a relationship, every day should be a Valentine’s Day. I love to be surprised with gifts on this beautiful day. Since it’s a leap year, I think it’s fair enough for us to buy our men gifts as they deserve some little spoiling. I am not a complicated person so on Valentine’s Day I expect all the good things as long as they are cute,” said La Dee.

La Dee and Mzoe 7

Jayden Mdluli

“When it comes to Valentine’s it’s not a matter of belief or disbelief. Valentine’s Day is a widely celebrated holiday in many countries around the world, typically associated with expressing affection towards loved ones.

“However, I believe couples should not only wait for February 14 to celebrate their relationship or union. They should love and appreciate each other daily through thoughtful gestures such as exchanging gifts and spending quality time together.

“Women should buy us gifts, not only on a leap year. Men often do not generally receive the same amount of attention and gifts due to the belief that men are socialised to be “givers” and women are socialised to be “receivers.” Times have changed therefore we have to celebrate each other always,” said Mdluli.

Novuyo Seagirl

“Every day is Valentine’s Day to me because I always celebrate and cherish my better half all the days. However, February 14 is more special because this is when we can pamper each other with many significant gifts and presents.

“I don’t believe in this thing of women waiting for a leap year to buy stuff for their men. Every Valentine’s Day of each year we must all exchange gifts, meaning men must buy for us and we also buy for them.

“As for this year, I am looking forward to celebrating the day with my better half in any environment I have never been to,” said Seagirl.

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