WATCH: Skhosana Buhlungu 2 years later

Langalakhe Mabena in Nkayi

There are moments in life, moments that in a split second your life changes forever, and before you know it, you are somewhere else.

The above words breathe life to Nkayi-born and bred musician Skhosana Buhlungu, now an award-winning muso who became an internet sensation in the midst of Covid-19 in 2020.

Before fame, every time he played his guitar and sang to different people, mostly those at Nkayi different rural stores, his main aim was for his voice to be heard, his music to appeal and heal people from all over the world.

When grace locates you, one can rest assured that blessings will surely come, and the Dlala Ntethe hit maker is a testimony of God showing off through his life.

Two years ago, Skhosana was a man whose homestead was dire. It was characterised by two tiny round huts made of logs and mud. He didn’t even own a mongrel.

However, after the release of Dlala Ntethe, his life changed forever. He became an internet darling with the song achieving 12 000 views on video site YouTube, numbers a lot of local artistes are struggling to achieve in a day.

When B-Metro amplified his sad story back then, Good Samaritans from all over the world would donate any form of building material for Skhosana to have a decent homestead. Even livestock in the form of cattle and goats were donated.

Today uselikhiwa — a respected figure in Ezinyangeni, Nkayi in Matabeleland North under Chief Nkalakatha, as his homestead is among the revamped in the area.

Skhosana is a grateful man, who has received God’s favour which was brought to him through everyone who helped to change his life to be what it is today.

In an interview at his homestead, Skhosana said he was grateful for the blessings he has seen manifesting in his life.

“Where I come from it was not easy. I remember I would sometimes sleep without eating with my family. I almost gave up in life. When I played music to different people, my aim was to just provide entertainment because music is my first love.

“During Covid-19, things became tough. It hurts to be a man who is unemployed and there are people looking up to you to put food on the table so they can go to bed with their stomachs full. Such experiences are the worst cases of depression I experience but I am happy that with God I managed to overcome the phase.

“Dlala Ntethe changed my life. God sent people, angels who came to rescue me from my misery. They donated building material and here I am today, my life has completely changed. I now have a beautiful homestead courtesy of blessings from God and his people.

“I didn’t own any form of livestock but I also received donations of four cows. Isibaya siyanda as now there are seven cows in a space of two years. All these are blessings I will forever be grateful for as I am a changed man,” said Skhosana.

The singer’s wife, Perfect Dube also gave thanks to everyone who donated money, building material and livestock to them.

She said everything was in good use and accounted for as she made sure that everything was kept well.

“Things were tough but due to Skhosana’s talent, the Good Samaritans and eventually God our lives have changed. We said goodbye to misery and now our lives are normal just like most people.

“Thank you to everyone who donated to us.

“We now have a beautiful homestead and I am now counted among women in our community because of these blessings.

“Those who wish to continue helping us are always welcome with their gifts and donations,” said MaDube.

Any music from Skhosana?

The singer hinted on working on a single with Madlela Skhobokhobo.

He said fans must keep on checking his social media pages for updates.

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