WATCH: Mubobobo man meets his match: Mutumwa intervenes after 50 women ravished

Peter Matika, Senior Reporter
A Binga businessman reportedly ravished more than 50 village women through mubobobo, a sexual act through the use of charms, while the women’s husbands were condemned to wet dreams through romping with spiritual beasts.

It is said the stranger than fiction acts had been going on for at least a decade until a Bulawayo-based prophet was recently invited to the area for deliverance sessions.

The tormented women heaved a sigh of relief after the man’s charms were vanquished by prominent Bulawayo-based prophet Madzibaba Emmanuel Mutumwa.

The alleged villager from Masenya village in Binga is also said to be a businessman and a polygamist with three wives.

According to Madzibaba Mutumwa, who preferred not to reveal the identity of the man,the man not only abused women from the village but four children also, including a three-month-old infant.

So evil and powerful were this man’s charms that it made these women’s husbands not to feel any sexual desire towards them, as they felt satisfied, every morning after experiencing ‘wet dreams’, where they say they dreamt of themselves committing bestiality with cows.

“Their private parts were in a state of decay. It was only after some members from the village approached me seeking deliverance that I travelled to Binga to assist them. The female members from my church confirmed this after I received a prophecy from the Almighty. The men from the village were sleeping with cows spiritually and this made them feel no sexual desire towards their wives.

‘It was during the ceremony that we were led to his home through God’s guidance to discover the charms, which he kept in his bedroom,” said Madzibaba Mutumwa.

He said after the charms were discovered and destroyed the man requested to be delivered.

“He requested deliverance and by the power of God he was. We had been in Binga for a 12-day conference and a lot was discovered there. A lot of work needs to be done in the town in terms of spiritual healing and deliverance, as many people there rely on charms and are involved in witchcraft,” said Madzibaba Mutumwa.

He said during the conference a woman became possessed and confessed to witchcraft, where she said she had been consuming human flesh and had skeletal remains of a child, who had been tormenting her.

“When the power of the grace touches you, you will not have an option but to accept it. There was a woman who admitted to being a human flesh-eater and had been ravaging graves. She was delivered and was found with skeletal remains of a child who had died recently,” said Madzibaba Mutumwa.

He said the villagers requested that he returns in June to rid them of all evil spirits and charms.

Acting Chief Binga confirmed the events as he too was present during the ceremony.

“A lot is happening here and spiritual healing is needed. There is a lot of potential in this place but there is a lot of evil being used,” he said, adding that he too was a victim of witchcraft and was seeking deliverance from the prophet.

“There are some who are desperately trying to get the position of chief and have resorted to evil to get it. I am only acting and now they are after my life. But this shall not come to pass as I know God is on my side,” he added.

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