WATCH: Haunted by his past, former drug dealer fears for his life as residents seek revenge

Charity Mathema

THE past is a very determined ghost, haunting every chance it gets!

This aptly applies to a 35-year-old man from Nketa 9 suburb who is living in constant fear for his life after residents threatened to attack him as revenge for his past involvement in drug dealing.

In an exclusive interview with B-Metro Vusumuzi Nkomo revealed that his previous illicit business ventures had come back to haunt him, leading to numerous attempts on his life.

Nkomo admitted to being a drug dealer in the past, stating that his operation was highly successful, with a network of individuals selling drugs on his behalf.

His thriving business attracted a significant number of people to his residence, which ultimately led to resentment and animosity from the community.

Since then, Nkomo claims to have turned his life around and embraced Christianity. However, the sins of his past continue to haunt him, as the community has not forgotten the harm he caused.

The residents, driven by their anger and hatred, have made repeated attempts on his life, but Nkomo has managed to survive each encounter.

“I felt like society no longer wanted me,” said an emotionally disturbed Nkomo.

He continued: “I used to sell drugs and was popularly known, customers used to come to my house to buy drugs. The problem started whenever something was stolen in my community and I was the first suspect because of the many visitors I used to accommodate, so people did not like my lifestyle of which I understand but I have since repented and have turned to Christianity but the people still have not forgiven and forgotten my past deeds.

“I am no longer free as a Zimbabwean citizen, the mob is continuously coming to my house making threats at me especially during the night saying I should move out of Nketa. I do not know where they want me to go because I have once tried moving to Njube but some people followed me there making threats as well”.

He said he had stopped engaging in the activities they disapprove of, yet he was perplexed and troubled by their persistent harassment.

“I have stopped doing what they do not want me to do so I’m wondering and asking myself why I’m being haunted and disturbed.

“I am appealing to the people of Zimbabwe that I be helped from these people before they kill me because that is what they are planning to do,” said Nkomo.

Disturbingly, Nkomo alleges that the local police have been unresponsive to his pleas for help. 

When he attempted to report the ongoing threats and attacks, he claims that the authorities did not take any action. 

In one instance, he was even provided with a wrong emergency contact number, leading him to believe that the police may be colluding with his enemies.

Nkomo, who is the sole provider for his sick mother and three young children, is desperate for assistance. 

He pleads for intervention to ensure his safety and the well-being of his family. His ultimate wish is to be spared from the mob’s relentless pursuit, allowing him to live in peace.

Efforts to reach the local police for comment on Nkomo’s allegations were unsuccessful at the time of publishing.




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