WATCH: Girlfriends bash two-timer

Danisa Masuku
In a dramatic incident two ladies teamed up and thoroughly bashed a two-timing married man who was double-crossing them.

The incident happened on Thursday at the BCC-run Barrow Swimming Pool parking area in front of B-Metro lenses.

A lady who only identified herself as Sino, said she was alerted by her friend that Antony Mdhlongwa was with one of his string of girlfriends identified as W.
Sino found Antony sitting with Patricia and her child in the car. She pummelled him with open hands on the face while accusing him of cheating on her. Patricia joined in the fray and slapped him on the face.

Seeing that B-Metro’s long lenses were capturing a video, a disgraced Antony removed his shirt and covered his face as the two angry ladies continued raining blows on him.

Patricia Malaba

Patricia damaged the car door while she was trying to pull Antony out of the car, but the busted man held on firmly to the steering wheel.

A close friend to Sino said what angered her was that she had tried to terminate their secret love affair, but Antony had convinced her otherwise.

“Bro she has been telling him that she is fed up with his cheating shenanigans and due to that they have to stop the affair, but he would not agree to that and told her that he wants to marry her because he loves her. He told Patricia that they broke up. He would be doing so in order to sleep with both of them,” said the friend.

While he was trying to evade the camera, Antony pleaded with B-Metro not to publish the story.

Antony Mdhlongwa

“No, please guys such things happen. Forgive me, you will ruin my life and that of my children,” he grovelled.

Efforts to get a comment from Patricia hit a snag as she seized her child who was watching the drama and took to her heels.

Later on B-Metro called her and she only said: “Who gave you my number. I cannot comment on that because you witnessed what happened at the scene. You have got the information then why are you bothering me.”

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