WATCH : Everton Mlalazi’s duet with Janet Manyowa…..A spiritually well-crafted masterpiece

Langalakhe Mabena

Lately, the world is filled with a lot of negative and bad spirits roaming around tormenting the human heart, and at such a time all that mankind seeks from God is that He “Fills Our Hearts” and restores our soul.

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In spreading the gospel, multi-award-winning Gospel sensation Everton Mlalazi has combined forces with another Gospel goddess Janet Manyowa as they dropped a single with visuals titled Fill Our Hearts.

The collaboration was influenced by the choice of fans.

“At the beginning of last month, we asked the fans who they would want me to collaborate with in Zimbabwe. Remember I have collaborated with a male artiste, Michael Mahendere. So this time we needed to work with a female artiste.

“We received a lot of names, amazing and great artistes but Janet Manyowa stood out as many people requested I work with her. We then bowed down to the people’s request, then we approached Manyowa, did the writing process, and then recorded the song,” said Mlalazi.

The song was written by Nigel Nyangombe with contributions from Mlalazi and Manyowa. Its style of writing is guided by the scripture based on Ephesians 5 verse 18.

It emphasises that the key to a fulfilled heart lies in embracing the spiritual teachings of Christianity, in accordance with the scripture which preaches that one’s ultimate purpose is to find joy in God’s presence and live to His glory, but this can only be achieved through the Holy Spirit.

Mlalazi said the song is a three-part guide to spiritual completeness.

“For one to be spiritual complete they have to learn about God through the Bible, aim their ambitions at glorifying God as well as seeking happiness in living by God’s directives. Such fulfillment requires a rebirth in spirit, a break from sin, and unwavering belief in Jesus as the sole conduit to God’s love.

“By continually seeking Jesus’ guidance and adhering to His commandments, one can experience the fullness of divine love. Basically the song is all about asking God to feel the world with His Glory as we need His presence,” said Mlalazi.

Apart from releasing the latest single, Mlalazi who is nominated at the Clima Africa Awards slated for 5 October in Nigeria, said he is working on a 12-track hymns album which will be released soon.

“The hymns album will consist of both Zimbabwe and South African artistes who performed at last year’s Celestial Chorus Soirée — The Vine — but as we celebrate 10 years this year, we expect to host an amazing live show in Harare,” he said.




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