Violent son accuses father of causing his retrenchment from work

Danisa Masuku

A ROWDY son was dragged to court by his father for allegedly punching him, accusing him of being the cause of his retrenchment from his job.

Blessing Kundhlande from Romney Park suburb in Bulawayo said he has endured enough of bashing at the hands of his son Michael Kundhlande.

 The court heard that whenever they are involved in an argument, his son would punch him on the head and would hurl insults at him.  His son never stops at that as he accuses him of being the cause of dismissal from work.

 He begged the court to grant him a protection order, saying he feared that if Michael was not restrained he would end up killing him.

Michael never denied the accusations leveled against him and said: “I admit that I physically assaulted my father and also used vulgar language at him.  I thought he was the reason that caused me to be retrenched from my work.”

Michael told the court that he had repented.

“I would like to apologise to this honourable court and most sincerely to my father. I have since reformed,” he said.

In her ruling, the presiding magistrate Beverly Casmila Madzikatire said there was a need to protect the applicant from his abusive son.

 The magistrate said Michael admitted that he assaulted his father therefore the applicant was granted a protection order.  Michael is ordered not to physically and verbally abuse his father.

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