Uhuru Gala preps on course

Langalakhe Mabena

Bulawayo’s renowned musician and dancer Sandra Ndebele is amongst artists on the star-studded line-up who will perform at this year’s Independence Gala set to take place at Murambinda Town Centre in Buhera District on 18 April.

Some of the artists announced as performers at the much anticipated national event are DJ Fantan, DT Bio Mudimba, Andy Muridzo, Jah Master, Nicholas Zacharia, Big Boy Motsi, Mathias Mhere, Agartha Murudzwa, Chief Hwenje, Takura, Diana Samkange and Simon  Mutambe, while the presenters will be Kanyemba Bonzo, Philip Makazhu, Thabani Gambiza and Kessia.

This year’s celebrations will run under the theme “Zim@44: Unity, Peace and Development towards Vision 2030,” and the festivities will honour the strides made since independence while casting an eye towards a future of unity and progress.

Marking the nation’s 44th year of sovereignty, the gala stands as a celebration of Zimbabwe’s storied cultural legacy and the gala is poised to dazzle audiences with a constellation of artists that are ready to enchant and entertain.

Jah Master

In a cherished tradition, the eve of the gala will feature a Children’s Party, offering young ones from across Zimbabwe the unique opportunity to meet with President Mnangagwa. 

Sandra Ndebele who is a Councilor for Ward 20 in Bulawayo and also a regular on most national events, said it’s an honour to always feature on these events, as they allow her to exercise her right as a Zimbabwean and portray the country’s culture and heritage through her performance.

“It’s an honour to be associated with national events because it’s a platform where we will be celebrating who we are as Zimbabweans and what we have attained since Independence. I am ready for my performance as it will fuse a lot of traditional elements that will show our cultural diversity and uniqueness as Zimbabweans. Those in attendance will enjoy it,” said Ndebele.

Meanwhile, Lennex Mandipaza who is the principal director in the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services said the Independence Gala is set to be a grand fête of patriotism, uniting Zimbabweans through the power of the arts and igniting the spirit of national pride. He said preparations were at an advanced stage with performers having confirmed their participation.

“All the roads are being rehabilitated. ZESA has already identified the power points from which they will be drawing electricity. Everything is going according to plan. The gala is a reminder that despite the challenges faced, Zimbabweans have prevailed and continue to strive towards a brighter future.  The event is going to be a game changer for the people of Buhera because people from all over the country’s 10 provinces are going to descend on the district. It will also be an opportunity for some local artistes to get exposure,” said Mandipaza.


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