Toll-free number for assistance with drug-related issues as Zimbabwe Government steps up fight to end scourge

Bongani Ndlovu, Online Writer 

GOVERNMENT has introduced a toll-free number, +263 714 647 002, to report drug-related offences and attend to citizens who are facing challenges with substance abuse, as the country steps up its fight against drug and substance abuse.

The Government has declared the drug and substance abuse menace a “national disaster” lamenting its baleful impacts, especially among the youths, prompting the adoption of swift mitigation measures including establishing reaction teams from the national to village level.

The prevalence of drug and substance abuse in communities has reached alarming levels, jeopardising not only the present but also the future. In response to this growing crisis, the Government is taking proactive steps.

Cabinet Ministers recently embarked on a tour of all 10 provinces to provide guidance on the formation and operation of provincial drug and substance abuse task forces. This nationwide initiative is aimed at tackling the issue head-on.

In a statement, the Government said: “The anti-drugs and substance abuse Inter-Ministerial committee is asking the public to call for assistance on that toll-free number 0714647002.”

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