Thief left naked after mob justice

Danisa Masuku

IN a brutal act of mob justice, a suspected thief only identified as Thembani found himself at the receiving end of an irate mob which beat him up before stripping him naked after he allegedly broke into a car in Bulawayo’s central business district.

The incident happened on 4 September and Thembani will apparently have bad memories about the day after he was caught red-handed trying to steal from a car which was parked at the corner of 3rd Avenue and Fort Street.

Things turned horribly for him when the owner of the car saw him smashing a rear window of his car and dashed to it. Noticing that he had been seen, Thembani took to his heels.

The man gave chase and called out for help forcing people who were going about their business to chase after him and they managed to catch up with him.

They then rained blows on him while others kicked him and hurled insults at him.They then tore his shirt and a pair of trousers.

One of the women dished out horrific punishment when she removed his underwear leaving him stark naked.

While he was on the ground being pummelled some of the people had lighter moments as they took pictures of him while some poked fun at his manhood. 

Some of the women claimed that Thembani was a serial thief and they had lost a number of items to him.

Two police officers who were passing by intervened and stopped the irate mob from beating the alleged thief. 

They took him to Bulawayo Central Police Station.

Thembani is also believed to be part of thieves who operate along 6th Avenue and Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Street.

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