The man behind Sandra Ndebele’s US$1 100 painting

Langalakhe Mabena

He quit a comfortable and “good-paying job” to answer his drawing and artistic calling.

He doesn’t regret making the move because it has brought fortune to him in many ways.

BOW (Black or White) also known as Spinx is a mural artist, who is also slowly but surely drifting to using the canvas, to showcase his artistic genius and diversity.

He is the man who curated and sketched Sandra Ndebele’s mural live at the Roast of the Singer, which was held on 17 February at the Rainbow Hotel in Bulawayo, organised by Umahlekisa Entertainment. BOW finished the mural in four hours.

The auction for the art piece was pushed to US$1 100 with many in attendance showing they wanted to have the artwork on display. Finally, it was brought by Suzuki who made the final offer.


BOW said he is happy that he was granted the chance to showcase his skills at the roast.

 “I met Dalu Van Vodloza and Ntando Van Moyo (some of the organisers of the roast) and they told me about their gig and we sat down and thought of doing something different.

“I became part of this because I love what I am doing. As they were holding the roast on stage, I was also busy doing my part. I crafted the mural in four hours between 6 pm and 10 pm. It was auctioned for US$1 100 with Suzuki being the top bidder.

“I know some can question how and be amazed that I managed to do an art piece and perfected it in front of them in one go. The secret is simple, I love what I do. I quit my eight-year job at an engineering company as a sales manager which was complemented with good money.

“My bosses would always find me drawing, then I asked myself what I was doing there, wasting my existence because I will only live once. So, I quit and decided to follow my heart and it led me to this artistic path, and many saw it live on the roast,” said BOW.


He said his works are inspired by what he sees every day.

“What inspires my artwork is nature and life as a whole. I am inspired by God because everything that he created challenges me to put it down and use my ideas and imagination to come up with a uniquely crafted piece,” said BOW.

Apart from the Sandra Ndebele mural, BOW is also the man behind the controversial Lobengula and Nehanda piece, which was painted at the City Hall toilets (corner Fife street and eighth Avenue), and was taken down within 24 hours.

He also did a mural together with Cali Graph for the late Hip Hop sensation Mgcini “Cal_Vin” Nhliziyo at Luveve 5 KoMpofu, as part of the late’s death anniversary.

He has done work for Greenspan Maboneng, Dullies, Telkom, and Amagugu Heritage trust in Matobo, amongst other clients.


Synonyms for “BOW”bowingbendribbonknotarcprowbow downtiltstoopduckyieldtip


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