The law must take its course …….Tsholotsho Chief speaks on pregnant nine-year-old

Raymond Jaravaza

THE person who sexually violated and impregnated a nine-year-old girl must face the full might of the law to send a strong message that abusing children will not be tolerated in all communities, Chief Gampu of Tsholotsho has said.

The incident that shocked the country allegedly took part in his area of jurisdiction.

The girl’s father (29) has since been arrested and is assisting police with investigations.

It also emerged that the father of the child allegedly told her that “goblins will visit her at night and insert something in her private parts.”

Chief Gampu said local leadership in the area as well as the community in general were still shocked and that they condemn the abuse of children by those that are supposed to protect them.

“We will leave everything in the hands of the police but we are saying as a community we condemn what happened to the child.

“When I heard about the incident, I went to the family homestead and met the paternal grandmother who confirmed that the abuse had been taking place for a long time. It’s wrong and should never happen to another child again.

“The community is against child abuse and so is the Government. Even God is against any form of abuse on our children.

“No child must ever fall pregnant at nine years old. It’s very wrong,” said Chief Gampu.

He called on communities to report cases of child abuse by writing anonymous letters, which can be dropped into Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP)’s suggestion boxes.

“Whenever we get wind of such cases, we can only pass the information to the police because cases of a criminal nature can’t be dealt with at the chiefs’ courts.”

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