The hidden meaning of Empress Mimmz’s song: Dairai

Chidochashe Kossam

MITCHELL Shumba, known by her stage name Empress Mimmz, has recently revealed that her song “Dairai,” holds a deeper meaning than what meets the eye.

In an interview, she revealed that the song is a reflection of her personal experiences and the emotional turmoil she has endured.

Empress Mimmz opened up about the inspiration behind Dairai, stating that it delves into the hardships she faced due to the treatment she received from her guardian.

She disclosed that her guardian had belittled her, claiming that she was worthless because her father, whom she has never known, was deemed worthless as well. This revelation sheds light on the emotional weight carried by the artist, as she channels her pain and heartbreak into her music.

The song itself is a poignant expression of Empress Mimmz’s heartbreak and the mistreatment she endured from her guardian.

“I wrote Dairai while I was in the toilet, crying,” she shared, emphasising the raw emotions that fueled the creation of the track.

The artist revealed that the song serves as a prayer to both God and her ancestors, pleading for their intervention and answering her heartfelt prayers which is why she titled her song Dairai meaning respond- to my prayers.

While Dairai has garnered significant attention for its emotional impact, Empress Mimmz emphasised that this song is not an isolated incident.

“Most of my songs speak of what happens in my life,” she stated.

The artist’s music serves as a cathartic outlet for her personal experiences, allowing her to connect with her audience on a deeper level.

Empress Mimmz’s revelation about the true meaning behind Dairai has shed light on the emotional journey she has embarked upon through her music.

Her ability to channel her personal struggles into her music is a testament to her resilience and determination.

Through her songs, she not only finds solace but also connects with her audience on a deeper level.

The song Dairai serves as a reminder that music can be a powerful tool for healing and self-expression, and Empress Mimmz continues to captivate listeners with her emotionally charged melodies.


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