Talking Arts: Carl Joshua Ncube has actualised

Nkululeko Nkala

He is a comedian, radio presenter at ZBC SFM, professional Master of Ceremony, motivational speaker, celebrity chef and branding expert.

A few years ago he was just one of those guys fighting their own battles in the industry, jump a few years, Carl is a brand no one can ignore. He has performed at the biggest comedy stages around the world and in the past few weeks he has been giving out sound advice to upcoming and established artistes alike.

Below is Carl Joshua Ncubea��s advice on turning negatives into positives:

Mistakes my competitors make in the comedy industry for example is that they think they are competing with a comedian and secondly is that they think I am competing.

The only thing I do is run my race and my biggest competition are the negative things happening in my life. I plan my strategy around them and here are some examples and how I use them to get ahead.

Clients saying no to my proposals.I love to write proposals but only a few are accepted. The few that are accepted are because of the rejected ones. You see what happens when you make a proposal you are showing people how you think or see their brand. Thata��s better than them saying yes to your proposal. When the day comes after all your propaganda someone will ask you to do something for them.

Unread emails. I know most people dona��t read my emails but they do know that I have sent them. This is a great research method I use because when I meet people in public they usually make reference to my newsletters that they dona��t read. They may do it as a sign of guilt, but I read it as a step away from being read one day.

Clients rejecting my rates. When I set a rate I dona��t move from it. As audacious as it may sound, what normally happens is that someone sees my quotation and tells their superiors, a�?Carl now thinks he is special coz he was on Comedy Central now he thinks he can charge $XXX. Thata��s what compels the boss to come to my shows and buy a ticket to see if I am worth that amount. Also that news travels fast, I learnt this when I realised that I know Tukua��s fee without ever having talked to him.

Not performing. Sometimes being busy just means you are desperate for money. Not performing as much increases demand for you and increases your value. How do I manage this? While most artistes perform in Harare I perform in Bulawayo, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Sydney, New York so that by the time I come back to Harare almost two years has passed, my material is new and my value has changed.

Withholding content. Many of my fellow artistes teach their fans that content is free. My fans understand that my content keeps me performing for them longer, ita��s what has made me last so long in the game. Let others go viral and disappear after a year thata��s because this model is not sustainable. Get TV deals first before you put stuff out for free. If you ever see me upload anything ita��s a TEASER or PROMO for an event which stimulates TICKET sales which keeps me performing longer. I am happy my fans are happy.

Talking to haters. If you want news to spread fast TELL a hater. I will give you an example. I went to Victoria Falls to do two shows over Christmas and I had a third on Valentines. Knowing that I had not advertised due to budget constraints I knew I would sacrifice the first show for the last two to work. As expected we had seven people. First thing I did was go online and make sure all the haters knew about it. I know they would share, between, comment and write about it. They basically helped me sell out the next two shows. Never underestimate the power of your enemies.a�?

On a parting note. Please attend Tensions tonight and my show at the Bulawayo Theatre on Saturday. Until next week, be safe . . . .

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