Sunduza Dance Theatre using art to sensitise students on drug abuse

Wandile Mloyi

A Bulawayo-based arts group, Sunduza Dance Theatre is embarking on an awareness campaign targeting school children in Bulawayo educating them on the dangers of abusing drugs while also sensitising them on other health related issues regarding male circumcision and prevention of  HIV and Aids.

Sunduza Dance Theatre director Charlie Mahlaba, said through art they had made strides in creating awareness against drug abuse and substance among the youths adding that they have also visited several schools in Bulawayo.

“We have visited several schools and participated in awareness campaigns. Our mandate is to go to every school in Bulawayo and educate students about health matters that include male circumcision, HIV and Aids.  We have also conducted anti-drug campaigns at those schools which we have visited,” said Mahlaba.

“he adds: “We have managed to reach schools such as St Bernard’s Primary and High school, Pumula High Nkulumane High, Magwegwe High, and Emakhandeni Secondary”.

The group has also toured countries such as the UK, Canada, Switzerland, Ireland and South Africa doing music theatre dance productions.

“We are also planning to revive our old productions that presented our culture and history like Adventures of Robert Moffat adapted from the diaries of Robert Moffat from National Archives of Zimbabwe and many more, “said Mahlaba.

As they have stepped into their third generation as a dance group, Mahlaba said they will keep their vision alive and their productions will continue to be based on their historical grounds.

Sunduza dance theatre was founded in 1985 by the late multi-talented Simon Mahlaba Banda, who was a great arts mentor, producer, singer and performer.

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