Strange voice instructs woman to crush her minor children on rocks

Michael Magoronga

MARY Rukobo (24), claims she heard a “divine voice” instructing her to grab her children aged two months and two years respectively by the legs and bash their heads against rocks.

She went ahead to do just that. The two month old baby died on the spot while her sibling is battling for life in hospital.

Rukobo went berserk during a prayer session and smashed their heads on rocks.
Biblically, only Abraham in Genesis 22 verses 1-19 was asked by God to kill his child. Even then , impressed by his faith, God stopped him at the last possible second and gave him a ram to sacrifice instead.

Shell-shocked villagers told the B-Metro they believed Rukobo could have been possessed by evil spirits. Others said she could have misinterpreted Psalms 137 verse 9 after reading it in isolation instead of reading the entire chapter to get the correct context. The scripture reads: “Happy is the one who seizes your infants / and dashes them against the rocks.”

Police confirmed the hair-raising incident on their official twitter handle.
“Police in Muzokomba have arrested Mary Rukobo (24) in connection with a case of murder which occurred on 19 January 2023 at Mashangana Village, Buhera,” said police.

The suspect allegedly confessed to some villagers that she crashed the heads of her two kids against a rock several times during a prayer session after hearing a voice ordering her to kill them.

“One of the kids, Calvin Maputsa (2 months) sustained head injuries and died on the spot, while another kid (2) sustained a swollen head and was admitted at Murambinda Mission Hospital” further wrote police.

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