Sticky fingers accountant nicks 160 000 Pula

Mashudu Mambo

AN employee at Skyz Metro FM in Bulawayo has appeared in court facing 18 charges of theft after he allegedly stole about P160 000 in the past three years.

Majahawodwa Dubindlela appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Maxwell Ncube facing charges of theft.

He was not asked to plead and was remanded out of custody to 19 February on US$300 bail.

Allegations against Dubindlela are that he breached the contract of the trust bestowed to him by Skyz Metro FM, a subsidiary of Fairtalk Communications of collecting money that he had received from Ingwebu Breweries. He was required to hand it over to Fairtalk Communications.

In 2021, he allegedly stole about P96 000 with the lowest in that period being P2 190 and the largest being P35 000. This amount was stolen in 10 incidents and he failed to account for the amount.

Moreover, in 2022, he allegedly stole in five incidents an amount of about P53 000. The largest amount in that period was about P38 000 and the lowest amount was P2 270.

Furthermore, in 2023, he allegedly stole a total of P11  000, this amount was stolen in a period ranging from 17 April 2023 to 26 May 2023. The largest amount stolen in the period was P5 000 and the lowest amount was P2 000.

An audit was conducted at the company and investigations were carried out leading to the arrest of Dubindlela.

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