STI infected man teams up with sister to assault lover

Danisa Masuku

A man from Filabusi in Matabeleland South province teamed up with his sister and friend and allegedly attacked his ex-lover accusing her of infecting him with a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI).

They allegedly tore her clothes with a knife leaving her naked before pouring cold water on her and severely thrashing her with a whip on the buttocks.

The shocking incident played out when the victim Portia Siziba (18) unexpectedly met her former lover Mqondisi Sibanda (25) and his sister Lindiwe Sibanda (29) while she was heading to the shops.

The pair went nuts as they accused Siziba of infecting Mqondisi with an STI. In a fit of rage the duo allegedly grabbed Siziba by her neck before slapping and punching her, the court heard.

The court heard that Siziba tried to run away but Mqondisi tripped her and she fell.
While lying on the ground they took turns to kick and bash her while hurling insults at her.

The court heard their friend later joined in attacking Siziba. It is alleged the trio grabbed her before they tore her bra and blouse leaving her half-naked.

They were not done yet as they dragged her to Lindiwe’s home and while they were there, the court heard, Lindiwe dashed into the kitchen and fetched a kitchen knife which she used to tear Siziba’s pair of trousers and underwear leaving her stark naked.

After that they ordered Siziba to lie down on the ground and they poured cold water on her before thrashing her several times with a whip on the buttocks, the court heard.

It is alleged the trio took the victim’s phone battery before ordering her to run away.

Siziba reported the incident to the police leading to the arrest of the siblings. Their accomplice is yet to be arrested.

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