Stepsons loot property, destroy homestead after mum dies

Nhlalwenhle Ncube
A handicapped man from Pumula North will live to curse the day he fell in love with his tenant seven years ago after his deceased lovera��s children lootedA� property in the house before proceeding to destroy his homestead as well.

Nicky Nyathi (ABOVE) reportedly fell in love with his tenant Kundisai Chienda popularly known as MaMoyo and thereafter they started staying as a family together with her children until her death two weeks ago.

The womana��s children reportedly caused drama during the funeral as they accused Nyathi of being responsible for their mothera��s death resulting in relativesa�� intervention.

After the burial, the womana��s children were told to leave the house which angered them and they retaliated by looting all the property in the house.

As if that was not enough punishment for Nyathi, they proceeded to his homestead and took all property before destroying the homestead.

The family spokesperson Setty Maphosa said: a�?Nyathia��s relationship with the now deceased started seven years ago and the woman was a tenant at his house.

a�?Realising that Nyathi was a handicapped man, she took advantage of him and because of their relationship they started staying with her children and grandchildren.

a�?MaMoyoa��s son Mkhululi Ncube encouraged his mother to stop taking ARVs and turn to holy water which is the reason why her health deteriorated.

a�?She died while in South Africa as she had gone to seek help,a�? said Maphosa.

It is reported that arrangements for the corpse to come to Zimbabwe for burial were made and upon arrival, the womana��s children blamed Nyathi for their mothera��s death.

a�?Police were called to calm the situation and they told the family to go ahead with the burial.

a�?After burial, relatives realising that the womana��s children were a nuisance told them to leave the house as they were no longer related to Nyathi. Mkhululi became angry and took away all the property leaving Nyathi with an empty house. They proceeded to his homestead in Lochard where they also looted property before destroying the homestead,a�? she said.

Nyathi who was left without anything is seeking donations from well wishers.

In an interview with B-Metro he said he was still mourning his wife and had no strength to talk about the issue.

a�?Since her burial I havena��t rested. I am busy about these issues. At the same time I am not strong enough to talk to you,a�? Nyathi said.

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