Social Scene picture exposes pastora��s wife

Gibson Mhaka
SOCIAL scene or sin, you decide!

AN alleged cheating Bulawayo womana��s marriage is on the brink of collapse after pictures of her while allegedly getting cosy with her suspected boyfriend at the Bulawayo Centenary Park on Valentinea��s Day appeared on B-Metroa��s social scene page last week.

Shockingly, the woman Ailett Mazhorea��s husband Derrick Muinde, is a pastor with the Zion Faith Mission Church in Bulawayo.

In the picture, Mazhore is seen shyly enjoying ice cream while her suspected lover has his head planted between her legs.

Following the publication of the pictures, Mazhore apparently out of shame deserted her matrimonial home and is reportedly hiding in Harare.

According to a source close to the now estranged couple, on the day in question Mazhore left home on the pretext that she was visiting her sister when in fact she was going to meet her lover.

The source said the picture went viral on the two families a�� the Mazhore(s) and Muinde(s)a�� WhatsApp chat groups.

When contacted for comment a heartbroken Muinde said he was at a loss for words after he discovered his wife was cheating on him.

a�?The picture which appeared in the paper was really a shocker. After seeing it, I could not believe it was indeed the mother of my child. Just imagine I am a pastor and I stand before congregants, especially couples telling them that they should be faithful with each other yet my wife was not being faithful.

a�?Currently we are on separation. The matter is before our family elders. Her parents phoned me saying they are coming on Saturday (5 March) for deliberations. Following the embarrassment I suffered as a result of the picture it will be difficult for me to reconcile with her. As a man of God I however, put everything to God since to err is human and to forgive is Godly,a�? said Muinde.

Mazhore said the photograph was indeed the last straw to her marriage.

a�?The man I was with is just a friend. We are not in love. I am really sorry to my husband and the photograph has disturbed my marriage. For a long time I had been having problems with my husband and he is now using the picture as an excuse to the people and my family that I was the source of those marital disputes,a�? she said.

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