Shock as 15-year-old rapes, impregnates cousin (12)

Lorraine Mathe

IN a shocking incident, a 15-year-old boy from Pelandaba West suburb in Bulawayo was arrested for allegedly raping his 12-year-old cousin resulting in her falling pregnant.

According to a source the incident happened sometime in December last year.

“It was at around 12pm when the girl was instructed by her 17-year-old brother to go and deliver a pair of shoes to the alleged perpetrator.

“Upon arrival at the alleged perpetrator’s place, the victim found him alone and he dragged her into the house before they headed into the bedroom.

“While inside the bedroom, the accused pushed the complainant onto the bed and forcibly had sexual intercourse with her once without protection,” said the source.

After that the complainant went to her house and did not tell anyone.

The matter came to light on 5 March, when the complainant’s mother discovered that she was pregnant.

When she was questioned that is when  the girl revealed that she was raped by  her cousin.

The matter was reported to the police and investigations led to the boy’s arrest.

The complainant was referred to Mpilo Hospital for medical examination.

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