Sex for sanitiser proposal backfires

Gibson Mhaka
FOR a Zvishavane man, Again Madzivire, it was supposedly not a bad move to secretly admire his female neighbour’s “voluptuous” behind but there seems to be just one big flaw which he made and it all ended in total disaster.

Madzivire from Makwasha suburb failed to contain his penchant for sex when he allegedly squeezed her buttocks and demanded to have sex with her.

In a bid to win the consent of the woman and taking advantage of it being one of the best defences against coronavirus, Madzivire, who sells cleaning detergents reportedly offered her a bottle of hand sanitiser as payment for her services.

The woman, however, turned down the alleged sex pest Madzivire’s sexual request before she decided to expose him.

Allegations against Madzivire arose on 20 July. It is reported that on the day in question Madzivire who knew that the woman had been looking for hand sanitiser decided to exploit the opportunity when he went to her house.

Upon arrival, it is alleged that he just entered the house and found her sitting on the sofa. He is alleged to have pulled her hand and started complimenting her saying she was “well endowed”.

Failing to control his appetite for sex he is alleged to have started fondling her buttocks.

The woman is reported to have charged at Madzivire while reprimanding him to stop his forced romance on her. The daring Madzivire is alleged to have gone on to solicit for sex from the woman and promised to give her hand sanitiser as payment but she refused.

Madzivire probably out of shame bolted out of the house.

The matter was reported to the police but Madzivire was saved from the humiliation of a trial after the woman dropped the charges saying Madzivire had apologised for his uncouth actions.

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