Sex for goat arrangement takes nasty turn

Sukoluhle Ndlovu

An affair between a village head and his neighbour’s wife took an ugly turn after the village head failed to deliver two goats that he had promised his neighbour’s wife.

Tonderai Jari, the village head of Madhekwana Village in Mberengwa shocked the villagers after it emerged that he solicited for sex from his neighbour’s wife Esnat Mataruse promising her two goats.

The affair, however, took an ugly twist after Jari failed to deliver on his promises causing Mataruse to disclose the matter to her husband Raymond Chakawira.

Out of anger, Mataruse spilled the beans to her husband after realising that she had been played by Jari.

B-Metro managed to track down Mataruse and she confirmed the matter.

“Some time in February, Jari proposed me and we started dating. After some time he asked for sex and l refused but he promised to give me two goats and l gave in. However, after discovering that he lied to me l was angry and l ended up telling my husband about the matter. He was going to find out about the matter either way, so it was best that he heard about it from me,” said Mataruse.

“It was a wise move for me to confess because l wanted to save my marriage,” she said.

Jari, however, could not be drawn to comment on the issue as he professed ignorance about the matter.

“I do not know the matter that you are talking about,” he said.

Upon hearing about the embarrassing incident, Chakawira took the matter to Chief Maziofa. 

Jari initially denied having an affair but he had to admit after Mataruse produced their WhatsApp conversations before the court as evidence.

Due to overwhelming evidence against him, Jari was ordered to pay six cows for disrespecting Chakawira and for tarnishing his image.

Chief Maziofa castigated Jari, labelling him as a hypocrite who steals other peoples’ wives. 

“As a village head, Jari should know better than to sleep with a married woman. What will the villagers learn from him if he behaves in such a way. He is supposed to be of good character,” said Chief Maziofa.

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