SDA Mpopoma joins fight against drug abuse

Mashudu Mambo

SEVENTH Day Adventist church in Mpopoma suburb, Bulawayo, hosted a drug awareness campaign on Sunday to educate the youths on the dangers of drug abuse.

The event was run under the theme “Break the cycle, choose life, not drugs” and the march was from SDA Mpopoma to Tikili Shops.  Health Ministries Director for SDA church Khumbulani Ncube said their goal was to raise awareness on drug abuse.

“The motivation behind the march was to raise awareness, to draw people’s attention to the problem of drug abuse and its effects on livelihoods,” he said.

Ncube said they educated the youths on the effects of drugs and they came up with preventive measures to deal with drugs.

“We covered awareness issues like the effects of drugs on people’s health and highlighted the social effects of drugs which include the breakdown of families, crime, imprisonment, and poverty. During the campaign, we came up with preventive measures to help people stay away from drugs. We urged people to cut the supply chain by reporting drug peddlers to the police,” he said.

Ncube indicated that they conduct drug awareness campaigns annually.

“We have had programmes of a similar nature before, we do this annually in the month of May. The message we were sending to the people is that they should break the cycle of peddling, distributing and taking drugs,” he said.


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