Rap bully behind mask

Langalakhe Mabena

South Africa’s kwaito kingpin Mzekezeke and Bleksem are previous artistes in Southern Africa to hide behind a mask. However, even though they masterminded to stay anonymous, it was soon discovered they were alter egos of DJ Sbu and DJ Cleo respectively.

In Bulawayo, there is a new “wannabe” hip-hop bully that local rappers are already feeling the heat courtesy of his rhyme skills and are scared to face him one-on-one, bar-to-bar and verse-to-verse.

He is none other than the masked-up rapper Ndlov’Enkulu.

In this day and age, one may ask why an artiste can choose to hide himself and stay anonymous especially in a “small” music industry like Bulawayo. Will he last by living a double life?

However, Ndlov’Enkulu has masterminded how he will penetrate and manoeuvre as a faceless creative in the dog-eat-dog industry.

He announced himself with diss tracks targeted at every local hip-hop artiste in Bulawayo, whom he terms lame and weak, and it seems rappers are scared to respond.

Perhaps they don’t want to give him the attention he is seeking!

But the question still remains, who is Ndlov’Enkulu?

“Ndlov’Enkulu Ndlovu, is my birth name and I was born in Mpilo Hospital in Bulawayo in the early 80s. When I was born, I was very huge for an infant and my father decided to christen me Ndlov’Enkulu (the big elephant).

Mpilo Central Hospital

“I went to local schools in Bulawayo until my Advanced Level. In 2005, I decided to move to South Africa in search of opportunities. While in Mzansi I got exposed to Kwaito music.

“The likes of Zola, Mandoza, and Mzekezeke became my inspiration not forgetting the international rappers 50 Cents, Tupac Shakur and Eminem, who also played a role in stirring me to become a rapper,” said Ndlov’Enkulu.

Why is he in the game to cause havoc and unrest?

“Big Zulu’s 150 Bars song inspired me to venture into full time rapping. He managed to re-ignite the Mzansi hip-hop big engines and brought them back to life.

“It’s a fact that local rappers are weak and lame and their works are not visible. Only the late Cal_Vin understood the essence of hip-hop lifestyle but these chaps can’t embrace it now. I came to the game to excite the industry and revive hip-hop starting with disses,” said Ndlov’Enkulu.

Sikhosana Buhlungu

He said his latest diss songs Ayiginqane Ma Iginqana, with each track targeted at Madlela Skhobokhobo, Skhosana Buhlungu, Sandra Ndebele, Mjox and the last one targeted at all hip-hop artistes in Bulawayo, were just a beginning.

He is working closely with producer Nashville from Rock Up Studios to release a couple of singles.

“Currently I am in the studio working on new songs. The singles I will release will include, Singam’ Africa featuring Mphathisi, Bulawayo featuring Basotho, I Love You Too featuring Blue Rose and My Enemies featuring Mphathisi,” said Ndlov’Enkulu.

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