Randy landlord fondles tenant’s breasts, buttocks

Danisa Masuku 

landlord who claimed to be intoxicated has been caged for fondling his tenant’s breasts, buttocks and kissing her while begging to get in between the sheets with her.

Mbongeni Thebe (36) pleaded guilty to indecent assault before Western Commonage magistrate Jeconia Prince Ncube. 

In his defence, he said he crossed the line and groped his tenant’s private parts because he was totally drunk and could not control himself upon seeing the beauty of his tenant.

The magistrate sentenced Thebe to 15 months in prison and suspended four months on condition that he does not commit a similar offence within five years.

 A further 8 months were suspended on condition that he does 280 hours of community service at Amhlophe High School in Pumula East suburb.

 A court heard that on Tuesday last week a 36-year-old woman who cannot be named for ethical reasons and was Thebe’s tenant requested him to assist her carry her property from a room to another room. 

Thebe did not waste time as he rushed to the room upon getting inside he locked the door and grabbed his tenant.

 He fondled her breasts and buttocks while kissing her. 

He begged to have a quickie with her as he told her that he was sexually charged.

The tenant turned down his sexual demands. In disgust, the victim pushed him away and fled to a police station to report the incident. Police arrested Thebe.

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