R35 000 rape hush money: DJ Tira demands apology

WELL-KNOWN South African DJ and record producer, DJ Tira has demanded an apology and retraction of the statement from Luke Ntombela.

The upcoming singer recently utilized various media channels to call out the Durban-based DJ for raping her. A week ago, Ntombela said the DJ had been trying to bribe his way out of the situation with an offer of R35 000. 

In response to the allegations, the South African businessman and musician, through his lawyers gave Ntombela a stern warning to stop spreading lies as it is causing him serious harm.

“Our clients have advised us of continuous assassination of their characters and brand perpetuated by your posts on various social media accounts of unfounded, baseless and defamatory allegations against them. Such conduct from you is causing serious and severe harm to our clients’ esteemed brand and reputation.”

The letter also addressed the radio interview she had on Ukhozi FM, where she spoke about the allegations. 

“It is our further instructions that you were on Ukhozi FM Radio station and again made serious, baseless and unfounded defamatory statements against our clients. It became apparent from the Ukhozi FM Radio station interview that your allegations were devoid of substance and logic, but full of malice and desire to blackmail our clients into paying you money for undetermined reasons, under the guise of our client owing you some money for performing musical exercises.” DJ Tira requested an apology from the singer in seven days, or else she would face the law.

“It is therefore our instruction to demand as we hereby do, that you desist from this unlawful conduct of publishing and peddling these malicious and unfounded allegations against our client.  (Online sources)


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