Protection order against co-tenant backfires on Sikhathazile

Danisa Masuku

A woman who applied for a protection order against her co-tenant claiming she was in the habit of insulting her with her mother’s private parts seemed to have got more than what she had bargained for after the latter ganged up with some elders in their community who fingered her as the ‘trouble maker’ in court.

Sikhathazile Mudau from New Lobengula suburb in Bulawayo claimed her co-tenant Miriam Siachonko was in the habit of verbally abusing her each time they were involved in an argument.

She said Siachonko usually came home late from a night out and would bang on the door.

She said when she opened the door for her, Siachonko would then insult her with her mother’s private parts.

Protection order

Sikhathazile said her co-tenant even branded her a witch.

She said last week on Thursday she was involved in a heated argument with her co-tenant and that argument degenerated into a fist fight.

At the height of the fight Siachonko picked up an iron rod and attempted to strike her with it but she managed to evade it.
Sikhathazile said after that she reported the incident to the police before she rushed to Western Commonage Court to apply for a protection order claiming she was living in fear.

In response Siachonko disputed her claims saying she was the one who was in the habit of verbally abusing her.

“She is lying against me and she is the one who has been insulting me and threatening to kill me,” said Siachonko.

Siachonko’s submissions were corroborated by a resident officer Kenneth Maphosa (84) and one of the elderly members of the community John Ndebele (89) who had accompanied her to court as witnesses.

In defence of Siachonko, Maphosa said: “She has reported Sikhathazile to me on several occasions for allegedly insulting her while threatening to kill her.

Verbal abuse – image taken from Shutterstock

“The matter was reported to the police and they were counselled. I am worried about her state of mind.”

Ndebele also backed Siachonko saying: “I have restrained Sikhathazile on several occasions from insulting Sianchoko. She is in the habit of insulting her with her mother’s private parts.

“I pray that this court grants her (Siachonko) a protection order,” said Ndebele.

The presiding magistrate Linear Khumalo granted the pair a reciprocal order.

Both parties were ordered not to talk to each other or verbally abuse each other.

They were also ordered not to harass or threaten to kill each other.

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