‘Prostitute wife’ bashed and subjected to pillow torture

Danisa Masuku 

A WOMAN from Pumula South suburb in Bulawayo is facing a tough time as her marriage hit turbulent times after her husband launched a scathing attack branding her a prostitute. He would also suffocate her with a pillow during the night.

Thembelani Mlangeni’s marriage took a turn for the worst after she received a stray message on her phone.

She said after that her husband Daniel Mlangeni launched a foul mouthed attack at her branding her a prostitute and would wake her up during the night accusing her of cheating on him. 

She further said that each time they were involved in an argument her husband would shout at her and bash her.

She said her neighbours would rush to their home to restrain her temperamental husband. Thembelani said she was living in fear because at times her husband wakes up during the night and beats her up and would choke her with a pillow. 

Thembelani applied for a protection order at Western Commonage Court.

Western Commonage Courts

Her affidavit reads in part: “I’m applying for a protection order against my husband Daniel Mlangeni.  He would bash me and sometimes he would wake up during the night and choke me with a pillow. I’m afraid he will end up killing me.”

When Daniel took to the stand, he said: “She is the one who was causing problems in our marriage . I had to desert home because at times she was not leaving food for me and her child who is my stepdaughter was disrespecting me while I’m the one who taught her from Grade One up to form Four. Turning to children, I love them and I used to go to watch social soccer with them. I can not kill them.”

The presiding magistrate Sikhethile Moyo granted the couple a reciprocal order which binds them to live peacefully with each other.

Furthermore, the couple was ordered not to verbally abuse, threaten, and harass each other.

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