Police officer escapes through the window

Danisa Masuku
A POLICE officer had no choice, but to escape through a window when his colleague, who was baying for his blood for poisoning his puppy, took an axe and hacked his doors in an effort to gain entry into his bedroom.

A source said Constable Wellington Munemo and his colleague only identified as Constable Sibanda live in the same house in Njube suburb.

Constable Sibanda got wind that Constable Munemo had poisoned his puppy resulting in its death. An angry Sibanda armed himself with an axe and headed to Munemo’s room.

“He dashed to Munemo’s room, upon getting there he knocked at the door, but he couldn’t get any response. After that he called out Munemo’s wife but still there was no response ,”said the source.

Seeing that he was not getting any response Sibanda axed the kitchen door and gained entry into the house.
While wielding his axe and baying for his colleague’s blood he tried to open the bedroom door but it was locked. He axed it.

“Seeing that his colleague was in a no-nonsense mood and could kill him, Munemo was left with no option but to escape through the bedroom window and sprinted to Western Commonage Police Station where he reported the matter,” said the source.

Sibanda is expected to appear at Western Commonage courts for malicious damage to property.

Efforts to get a comment from Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube were fruitless.

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