Pervert caught with dried sexual organ

Gibson Mhaka
A BEITBRIDGE man was found with a dried human male sex organ which he used to allegedly remotely sleep with women in the village.

The man, from Mugaladivha Village under Chief Foromela, was exposed during a family cleansing ceremony after some female members of his family enlisted the services of a traditional healer, Siachielo Mapiye (ABOVE).

The women had had enough of virtual sex with a stranger. They would from time to time wake up feeling wet as if they had been engaged in intercourse.

What spooked them is that they would wake up with no underwear at all. Those that managed to keep theirs, the knickers would be at knee level.

Speaking to B-Metro, one of the mana��s relatives said it was embarrassing when he was exposed.

a�?He kept the organ in his bedroom under the mattress and confessed that he used it to sleep with numerous women from the area without their consent,a�? said the family member adding that he got the a�?thinga�? from a sangoma in South Africa.

The source added that the man confessed to also having sex with his cows a�� hence he had a large herd of cattle.

The man could not be reached for comment but Mapiye confirmed the incident.

a�?He used to sleep with women without their consent. His juju was in the form of a male sexual organ which he kept in his bedroom under the mattress. I am surprised why people are only talking about him yet I cleansed a lot of people from the area who were also in possession of different charms,a�? he said.

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