Penchant for self-destruction haunts baller

Danisa Masuku

EVEN the inimitable Harry Maguire of Manchester United has nothing on this Zimbabwean footballer when it comes to scoring own goals!

The talented local footie seems to have refined self-destructive behaviour into an art that he has taken off the field of play and is specialising in making headlines for the wrong reasons.

Just last year, the former Hwange, FC Platinum, Highlanders and Kabwe Warriors (Zambia) star was arrested while he was turning out for ZPC Kariba after he was found in possession of mbanje, codeine and illegal cough syrup.

He appeared in court and his contract was subsequently terminated by the Kariba based football outfit.

Wiston Mhango also graced B-Metro pages for the wrong reasons after he punched his wife and hit her with a bottle at a city bar.

The list of his misdemeanour’s is growing at an alarming rate.

He is reportedly now a fugitive from justice as he is wanted by the police for allegedly damaging a door at an apartment that he is renting in Bulawayo with his wife and stealing US$1 200 and alcohol from the house.

Although the incident occurred in November last year, his wife made a police report recently after allegedly failing to locate the errant baller.

A source close to the incident said Mhango blew his top in an altercation with his wife Primrose Sibanda.

Sibanda had accused him of blowing money for household expenses with his girlfriend.

It is said the short-fused midfielder charged at his wife who reportedly fled into the bedroom and hid there.

Mhango, also known for his hotshots on the field of play, reportedly vented his anger on one of the doors as he kicked it leaving it badly damaged.

He allegedly opened the fridge where he stole whisky and cash.

“While his wife cowered in the bedroom he stole two bottles of whisky which cost US$400 and US$1 200 before he fled,” said the source.

The source said his wife tried to look for him but her efforts were fruitless.

Since his shocking departure his wife, according to the source, has not had peace at the apartment.

“The landlord wants the door fixed but Prim does have the cash to get it fixed or at least buy a new one. She has tried all means to locate him but all her efforts have been fruitless,” said the source.

The damaged door

Contacted for a comment Sibanda confirmed the incident.

“I’m in trouble. The landlord wants his door fixed but I don’t have cash to get fixed or buy a new one. The landlord has threatened to file charges against me. I have tried to look for him but I have failed. I have tried countless times to contact him but his phone is not reachable. I hope the law will take its course,” she said.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the incident.

“I can confirm that we are dealing with a situation where a couple was involved in a dispute which led to the damage of a property where they are renting,” he said.

Insp Ncube appealed for information that may lead to Mhango’s arrest.

“At the moment the whereabouts of the husband are not known, as such we are appealing for information that may lead to his arrest. Anyone with information may contact any nearest police station,” he said.

Efforts to get a comment from Mhango were fruitless.

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