One night stand nightmare for man … as lover camps at home

Mathew Masinge
A Harare man is regretting continuously accommodating his lover after a one-night- stand.

The matter came to light at the Harare Civil Court where Elina Nyamuzuwe was seeking a court order against her lover, Albert Mupfawa.

“She is not my wife, we hooked up for a one- night-stand and she has been returning to my house every day.

“I feel I am not obliged to buy her food because she is not my responsibility and I am only offering her a place to sleep,” said Mupfawa.

He said he was only consenting to sexual pleasures.

“She has been coming home for close to a month and a half now and I think it’s about sex.

“Whenever I go to work she also leaves for her relatives’ place and returns at night.

“I have tried sending her away but she is always coming back and we end up having sex,” he added.

However, in her application, Nyamuzuwe argued that she had moved in with Mupfawa as his wife.

“We are coming from the same house and we have been living together as husband and wife.

“I want the court to order him to stop harassing me and threatening to evict me from our house.

“He is refusing to buy any food or offer any support in the house and he is threatening to kill me if I don’t move out,” she said.

Presiding magistrate Noah Gwatidzo granted the protection order in favour of Nyamuzuwe.

He ordered Mupfawa not to evict his lover advising him to make his own application for her eviction.

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