Of players collecting cash from fans

Raymond Jaravaza

IT’S a spectacle witnessed after mostly major games in the local football scene especially when the big teams – Highlanders, Dynamos and Caps United – play.

Football players can be seen rushing to stands occupied by their team’s fans to collect cash donations.
With hands sticking out over the perimeter fence that separates the pitch and stands, players collect cash from supporters and stuff it in their jerseys.

The cash comes in all sorts from US$1 and US$2 notes to the local currency.
The money can also be randomly thrown into the pitch by fans as tokens of appreciation to players for a ‘well played’ game.

Last Sunday, Dynamos player Denver Mukamba was photographed with his jersey stuffed with cash given to him by appreciative fans after his team beat rivals Caps United two nil at the National Sports Stadium.

Being generally a supporters’ favourite is an advantage when it comes to collecting the cash donations, B-Metro Sport has observed.
At Barbourfields Stadium, the Soweto stand turns into an after-game hive of activity as Bosso fans jostle to hand over cash to their favourite players.

But there is divided opinion whether the practice is acceptable or not. The debate raged on Facebook when a picture of Mukamba, smiling from ear to ear, was captured on camera carrying wads of cash in his jersey.

Some social media users feel fans are making a mockery of players by throwing cash at them.
“After all these players are professionals who are paid for their services by clubs,” opined
Patrick Muzondo.

“With time this type of behaviour (it) will become a problem especially when it’s only one player who gets rewarded. After all these guys are paid monthly salaries, camping fees and winning bonuses by their clubs,” said Muzondo.
Sibusiso Dlomo fears giving one player money divides the dressing room.

“I’m not sure about what happens with these collections but I would suggest that such donations should be collected and shared among the players irrespective of the amount involved,” said Dlomo.

Johnson Makusha has this to say: “What is happening is sad. These guys (players) are professionals. We are stooping very low as a nation”.
Phillip Chamazz doesn’t see anything wrong with players receiving cash from fans.

“The taxi collector (referring to Mukamba). He deserves the money,” said Chamazz.
Whether one is for or against fans giving players money after games, the phenomenon looks set to continue judging by the love showered to the footballers by club supporters.

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