Nkayi women raise their voices through a poetry collection which tackles challenges faced by rural women

Mashudu Mambo

FOUR women from Nkayi district in Matabeleland North province have raised their voices through a new book of poems which tackles the challenges faced by women in rural areas.

The quartet Lubelihle Mhlanga, Ayanda Msipha, Khethiwe Dlamini and Nomatter Ndlovu authored the book as part of a non-formal education programme at Ingwalathi Primary School.

Their powerful poetry anthology tackles critical issues faced by women in rural communities, including gender-based violence, child abuse, child marriages, and the fight for women’s empowerment.

The publisher, Fortune Munsaka, lauded the poems for their powerful portrayal of everyday struggles impacting society.

The book, titled ‘Aluba Ngangisazi,’ explores the pain of family disintegration caused by a man abandoning his pregnant wives in search for greener pastures.

“The title is derived from the pain that was experienced by a woman who then blames her husband for failing to take full responsibility for the upbringing of their children.

“The book promotes harmony and unity by educating communities on overcoming daily struggles. It emphasizes the importance of family support, HIV prevention, and women’s empowerment,” said Munsaka.

Munsaka said the book’s inspiration stemmed from the authors’ own life experiences, giving voice to the challenges they and countless rural women face.

The driving force behind the book, according to Munsaka, lies in the raw experiences of the authors.

“Their poems tackle the harsh realities of life for women in rural communities. Issues like child marriages and domestic abuse are frequently endured in silence, becoming normalized within rural communities,” he said.

Munsaka said his organization is currently working on several projects in rural areas to address the issues raised in the book.

“This book is the genesis of our ongoing initiatives. These initiatives tackle important issues and have yielded positive results while creating a social impact.

“We’re already gearing up for our next project in rural communities, determined to continue sharing stories from all walks of life,” explained Munsaka.

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