Neighbours’ witchcraft row spills into court

Danisa Masuku 

OCTAVIA Moyo has suffered enough verbal abuse at the hands of her neighbour who brands her a witch and a prostitute.

Moyo claims her neighbour Alice Maseko accuses her of practising the dark arts and backs up her claims by saying she saw Moyo casting spells on her, half-naked, in her dreams. 

However, Moyo is not amused. She vehemently refutes the claims and rubbishes them as flimsy accusations by a jealous neighbour. 

Maseko went a gear up in tainting Moyo’s reputation as she labels her a prostitute who is always angling for her husband. 

Moyo said during furious bust-ups that have become common with her neighbour, Maseko launches into a foul-mouthed tirade branding her a sorceress.

Moyo said Maseko has dragged her dignity through the mud and applied for a peace order.

In her affidavit she said: “I’m applying for a peace order against my neighbour Alice Maseko. She insults me at will and for no apparent reason.  She labels me a witch and claims she saw me half-naked in her dreams in the dead of the night coming to bewitch her. The explosive claims have left my reputation and character in tatters. She labels me a prostitute who is gunning for her husband and to set the record straight I’m not angling for her husband she is just accusing me for nothing (sic).”

Maseko did not attend the court session.

The presiding magistrate Jeconia Prince Ncube granted Moyo a peace order, as such Maseko was ordered not to verbally abuse her neighbour and stop labelling her a witch or a prostitute. 

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