Mzoe 7: A muso, actor & choreographer rolled in one

Langalakhe Mabena

HE is an all-rounder; he has everything that one might look for in a creative and that has made Mzoe 7 an outstanding figure in the local music scene.

As his skills on music and acting have been witnessed over the years, Mzoe 7 was recently handed a golden platform to showcase his other side of creativity, which is choreography.

The unassuming artist was the one in charge of choreographing and coordinating the launch of Sandra Ndebele’s 10th album function which was held at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair on 12 November.

Zimbabwe International Trade Fair

What a good shift from the man from Entumbane!
His indefatigable efforts saw him work hand in hand with South Africa’s legendary musical group Platform One, Professor, Mr Brown, La Dee, Msiz’Kay, Madam Boss as well as Mai Titi, performers that graced and performed at Sandra’s historic album launch.

Knowing that he was green behind the ears, Mzoe 7 said he started doing choreography as a way of perfecting his dancing skills.

“I have always wanted my performances to be different, I have strived to give a solid creative performance even on the smallest stages of my performance life.

This then led me to become a choreographer four years back, as I always wanted my music to be perfected and complemented by unique routines. Afterwards, I have grown to choreograph mostly music videos at some point for Keaitse Films and also Andy Cutter. Most of the time I did it for love and to perfect my dancing skills,” said Mzoe 7.

Minister of Finance Professor Mthuli Ncube

How did he manage to pull off a top drawer and breathtaking choreography on the album launch which was graced by Minister of Finance Professor  Mthuli Ncube, as well as Deputy Minister of Youth, Sport, Art and Recreation Tino Machakaire, among other esteemed delegates?

“When doing dance choreographing, you help tell the music’s story through your movements, you must be able to identify the strongest areas of the stage.

“To accommodate a large group of dancers on stage at one time, you need to understand the unique characteristics of each section of the stage itself.

We worked with some dancers who had never been on stage in their lives but they were very much determined to learn. I am very grateful that Sandra Ndebele managed to give them that chance to shine because they are the ones who managed to make the choreography work smoothly as they gave all the energy, charisma and love on stage which charmed many,” he said.

He added: “A great show needs all elements to be in place and most professional artists understand that. Mai Titi, Platform One, La Dee and all the artists who were part of the album launch understood their assignment and attended rehearsals.

Sandra Ndebele

It was great working with team Sandra Ndebele, PES, Sound Culture, Winya Sounds and everyone who made it possible.

They mastered their roles and at the end of the day we had a splendid show.”

Apart from the Sandra Ndebele album launch which managed to generate US$28 000 from album sales, the other major gig that Mzoe 7 choreographed (alongside Gomez) was the spectacular Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards 2019 edition.

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