Music company hosts men’s conference

Mashudu Mambo

IIWISS entertainment has joined the rest of the world in tackling mental health issues affecting men through their men’s conference that will be held at the Stop Over Bar in Bulawayo on Saturday.

The month of November is usually referred to as Movember and it was set aside to deal with mental health issues affecting men through providing them with a platform of discussion and promoting happy and healthier men.

IIWISS music founder Roderick Mzingaye Sibanda popularly known as Shoemaker said the goal of the event is to promote mental health awareness.

“The event is called the men’s conference and we are hosting the event to raise awareness on mental health issues that are affecting men. Our target audience are men from the ages of 18 to 80.

“The goal is to reduce the number of suicide cases that are being recorded daily. We want to stop men from committing suicide through giving them better solutions to deal with their different mental health issues,” said Sibanda.

He stated that their goal is to change the narrative and prioritise men’s mental health issues.

“We grew up in a society that says men do not cry, men do not complain and in that regard when we look at what has been happening around us, we realise that mental health issues must be taken seriously.

“This event will give men a platform to talk about their challenges and struggles. This will also help men get some solutions to the challenges that they might be facing in their day to day lives,” said Sibanda.

Sibanda said that the aim of the event is not only tackling issues of suicide but also dealing with domestic abuse.

“There are a number of domestic abuse cases and some of these cases result in the failure of men to deal with their mental health issues. Some men abuse drugs and they do this to deal with the social and economical challenges that they encounter daily,” said Sibanda.

He stated that the event is the first of its kind and hopes that different stakeholders will come in and support the cause.

“This is the first of its kind and we are inviting people to join in and be part of it. We urge women to encourage their brothers and partners to attend so that we all fight against suicide and promote happier and healthier men,” said Sibanda.

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